Album review: The Ghost Wolves – Man, Woman, Beast

Man, Woman, Beast. It’s nice when an album title tells you exactly what you’re in for. This garage duo from Texas really pack a punch…

Although Lo-fi two-pieces seem to be pretty commonplace these days The Ghost Wolves have managed to distinguish themselves from the crowd by consistently being wilder, fuzzier and more fun than anything else.

Man Woman Beast is their first full length album and it’s a confident 39 minute long blast that draws on familiar blues licks and imbues them with a manic energy courtesy of lead singer Carley Wolf. Her snarling, barking, howling vocals not only aptly match her name but also give the perfect delivery for her blackly comic and sometimes downright vicious lyrics.

The other half of The Ghost Wolves, Jonathan Wolf supplies a great line in stripped back stomping grooves which powers both thrashing assaults like Attack, Attack, Attack and swampy foot tappers on Gonna Live (which is pretty much guaranteed to be stuck in your head for a week after hearing it).

There are a few moments where they skirt a little close to blues cliches but for the most part there’s enough rabid momentum to carry you past these into the best tracks like I Was Wrong and the album opener Shotgun Pistol Grip.



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